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Professional Carphunter Set with Fishing Reel & Handmade Fishing Rod


A professional carphunter set that can be seen in any case. With so much power, you get even the thickest fish on land.

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Professional Carphunter Set

Composed of:

1x Delphin Opium V2 Shrink Carp Rod 12ft/360cm 3.0lb

1x York TNT Carp 8000 carp roll



Delphin Opium V2 Shrink Carp Rod

Rod length: 330cm, casting weight: 100g, handmade


However, the success of the first version of the Delphin OPIUM rod has not led Delphin to rest on their laurels like some other competitors. Strictly speaking, it has rather led to the fact that the Opium V2 was produced even better, more beautiful and of higher quality.


Once again, Delphin relies on the proven 30T-Carbonblank, whose parabolic action helps in the fight with capital trophy fish, but despite these power reserves also allows the fight with smaller specimens.


The 3lbs casting weight is versatile and in combination with the 30T Carbon Blank a truly exceptional throwing and catching action has been achieved.


However, the OPIUM V2 is much stiffer than its predecessor. One of the many improvements is that the V2 now has a luxurious and ergonomic FUJI reel holder, complemented by RUBBER CORK grip parts.


The rod has high-quality SEAGUIDE rings and a 50mm start ring.



Rod length: 360cm / 12ft

Test curve: 3.0lb

Rings: 6

Rod color: dark

Rod parts: 2

Weight: 343g

Transport length: 185,5cm

Handle: Shrink & Cork

Fuji Reel Holder

Seaguide ringing

50mm starting ring




York TNT Carp 8000 Carp Roll

with 5.1:1 ratio


Reach extreme expanses!


The TNT Carp 8000 is an extremely high-quality, lightweight freewheel roller, which surprises with some technical features.


First, however, to the design, which is exactly matched to the preferences of us carp anglers due to its classic black coloring. Because it is precisely this colour that makes it possible for no single point on this roller to throw the reflection of a light back into the water. Thus, you remain almost invisible to the carp at your hot spot until the last moment.  


The oscillation system reduces the speed at which the line is wound up, resulting in perfect cord laying. This is also supported by the Worm Shaft system. In addition, due to the strong body, the lifespan of this excellent roller has been significantly increased.


This carp reel is also convincing due to its ergonomic handle. Because the ergonomic shape of the handle protects your hand with every turn and ensures that your hands are not rubbed even during longer sessions.


The TNT Carp 8000 is supplied with two coils with different string sockets. The main coil is a deep, conically shaped coil that holds a lot of string. Thus, it is ideal for carp fishing and fishing from the boat. The spare coil, on the other hand, has a reduced string socket and is ideal for extremely long throws.


Thus, this reel is not only ideal for fishing from the shore, but also for fishing from the boat.


Spare coil cord holders: 0.25mm/330m; 0.30mm/250m; 0.35mm/180m



Size: 8000

Weight: 599g

Gear ratio: 4,1:1

Cord socket:      0.30mm / 550m

                              0.35mm / 410m

                              0.40mm / 320m

Bearings: 8

Coil: Aluminum

Spare coil: yes


6 Items

Data sheet

Set Content
1x Delphin Opium V2 Shrink Carp Rod 12ft/360cm 3.0lb
Set Content
1x York TNT Carp 8000 carp roll

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