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Delphin Queen Professional Mega Set - 2x fishing rod, 2x fishing reel & 1x rod case


The perfect carp set for all Queen's among us. The two pink rods, reels and a rod pocket in a set have it really fist-thick behind the ears.

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Queen Professional Mega Set

Composed of:

2x Delphin Queen Carp Rod 12ft/360cm 3.0lb

2x Delphin Queen 6T TwinDrag freewheel roller

1xDelphin Queen Rod Case 2 Rod , Rod Case for 2 mounted 12ft/360cm 2-piece rods 200cm



Delphin Queen Carp Rod

Rod length: 12ft/360cm, Transport length: 3.0lb


With the Qeen, from the house of Delphin, it is already clear from the design which target group is to be addressed. Of course we, the Queens, the waters! However, especially those ladies, among us, who are passionate carp anglers.


At your hot spot you are guaranteed to stand out from the other anglers with this rod. Because a pink rod with golden and black elements is very rarely seen.


But of course, it does not only score with its extraordinary design, but also holds other surprises in store for you. The Queen has a slim blank, which is equipped with high-quality and at the same time light SIC rings, which create almost no friction and no resistance when pulling through the cord. This Stalker rod also has an ergonomic reel holder, which forms an ideal set with the shortened split-shrink handle, which is decorated by a pink aluminum end cap with logo.


With this queen you can easily land even the most capital carp!



Rod length: 12ft / 360cm

Test curve: 3.0lb

Starting ring: 40mm

Color: pink

Pieces: 2

Rod rings: 5+1

Transport length: 185cm

Weight: 260g

Handle: Split-Shrink



Delphin Queen 6T TwinDrag Freewheel Roller

with 5.5:1 ratio


Now the long-awaited role fits into the ranks of the Qeen series. This role is the Queen 6T TwinDrag, from Delphin.


Attractively kept in the unmistakable pink color and combined with black as well as golden elements, it will make the hearts of us anglers beat faster.


But not only the appearance is the focus of this role, but also the quality. Because the Queen 6T TwinDrag is a universal roller with freewheel brake. You can use them to fish for carp and other fish. It does not matter whether you pull the capitaliest chunks out of the water or go feeder fishing.


Because the housing of this roller is made of durable, hardened ABS plastic and can therefore also carry heavier loads. Inside there are a total of five ball bearings, which, together with the balanced rotor, ensure smooth and quiet operation of the roller.


In addition, it is equipped with a solid, rubberized handle, which fits perfectly between your fingers and makes it easier to pull up. Another goodie of the handle is that you can mount it on both the left and right sides. So it doesn't matter if you're left-handed or right-handed.


The idle brake is very sensitively adjustable by means of a shaped screw, which the female fans of this system will appreciate.


The deep aluminum coil is raised and conical shaped, which improves the throwing characteristics of the Queen 6T TwinDrag. Also, the coil holds enough string so that you can also eject at higher distances. In addition, there are up to two metal clips that can be used to clip the string to achieve a precise throw.


Another advantage is the front combat brake of this role. Because the combat brake is designed in such a way that it exerts the necessary braking force during the drill.


A unique role, which knows how to score with us women through its appearance and its features!



Size: 6000

Color: pink

Weight: 470g

Gear ratio: 5,5:1

Cord socket:      0.25mm / 320m

                              0.28mm / 250m

                              0.30mm / 225m

Ball bearings: 4+1

Coil: Aluminum

Spare coil: No



Delphin Queen Rod Case 2 Rod

Length: 200cm, colour: pink, suitable for 2x 12ft/360cm 2-piece rods


A rod case for 2 mounted rods, which was specially designed for you Queens and whose design is based on the successful and very popular line PORTA.


This Rod Case is definitely an absolute eye-catcher, because its pink design with its impressive golden accents definitely attracts attention. The rod bag is made of extremely durable fabric, which also easily keeps moisture caused by dew or even a light rain away.

The bottom of the bag is made of solid and waterproof material, so you can safely place the rod bag on the wet ground on the shore without damaging it.


In addition, the Rod Case is padded inside so that nothing can happen to your rods inside during transport or storage in winter. The partition between the rods is provided with a 6mm thick lining to protect your rods from each other and so that no scratches can occur by rubbing against each other.


So that you can pack the rods easily and easily, the partition wall has been provided with Velcro fasteners. Thus, you can always open the currently required page without the partition inside kinking. Likewise, this separation ensures that your rods can hardly slip and are well fixed.


The Rod Case is extended at the point for the reels, which allows you to accommodate all common carp sets. Also rods with a starting ring of 50mm for enormous throwing distances fit easily into this rod case.


On the side of the bag there is a long pocket with zipper, which you can use, for example, for transporting a landing net. Furthermore, there is another bag sewn with a Velcro clip, which, unlike the Porta model, is not sewn in half and thus offers more space and variability.


Another great feature that will please all queens who also like to take care of themselves on the water is the small bag fitted to the shoulder strap with a lipstick pictogram. In addition to cosmetic aids, you can of course also stow e.g. lead or other fishing trifles.


The high-quality zippers are an additional goodie of this bag that must not be neglected. A comfortable handle and a comfortable shoulder strap with padding ensure optimal transport from the car to your hot spot.



Suitable for 2x 12ft/360cm 2-piece rods

Total length: 200cm

Color: Pink

Length outer pocket: 108cm

Small compartment on shoulder strap


Delivery only dow bag!

1 Item

Data sheet

Set Content
2x Delphin Queen Carp Rod 12ft/360cm 3.0lb
Set Content
2x Delphin Queen 6T TwinDrag Freewheel Roller
Set Content
1x Delphin Queen Rod Case 2 Rod 200cm, suitable for 2 mounted 12ft 2-piece rods

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