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Katran Headlamp W/B 460 Pro with hard case, battery and blue light


Use the Headlamp W/B460 Pro during night sessions to make semi-transparent Katran cords visible.

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Headlamp W/B460 Pro

Material: aluminum, including USB cable


The Headlamp W/B460 Pro, from Katran, will support you during nightly fishing sessions. Because this headlamp was developed exactly for such cases.


At first glance you will notice the two independent LEDs in white and blue. In particular, the blue light evokes a special effect. This makes semi-transparent cords, of different Katran series, visible.


In addition, this lamp has strong magnets, which allows you to mount it even on surfaces where magnets stick. So you can also use this headlamp as an ordinary lamp to illuminate a certain part of your fishing spot or tent.


If you leave the lamp on for a longer period of time, you benefit from its battery status indicator, which shows you the remaining landing in green, yellow or red. The color red already indicates that you should charge the lamp. This headlamp can be charged via the supplied USB cable. If it is charged, you can recognize this by the fact that the color of the battery indicator changes from red to green. Of course, you can also use the lamp while charging.


Use the power button to select the brightness mode. The last mode you selected will then be saved and activated when you turn the headlamp back on. You can change the brightness mode by briefly pressing the power button. By pressing the power button for a long time, however, you turn off the lamp. You retract the power button, so that the headlamp no longer turns on arbitrarily.



Material: Aluminum

white & blue LED's

with different brightness modes

3400 mAh battery

with strong magnets

with battery status indicator

including headband

including USB cable

including case

13 Items

Data sheet

incl. hard case
Fall protection approx. 1.5m
waterproof (IP67)
Max approx. 28h

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