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JJ-Fishing - Your tackle store and online shop for Austria, Germany and the rest of the EU

Fishing or fishing, as you would like to call it, has been developing into a trend sport for several years, which now includes many areas and species. The areas are divided into carp fishing, catfish fishing, feeder fishing and much more. In order to go fishing or to start a residence, you need a lot of fishing equipment.

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For the most exciting drills and biggest catches you need Profi Fishing Tackle, that's why we only have the best brands!

Best stationary reels with front brake or long throw reels, professional carp fishing accessories from NGT, carp specimen tackle from PB, baits from renowned brands such as Meus Baits – all this, in our store or in the online shop.

You want to go on a fishing holiday or a longer residence?

Camping articles and outdoor articles, from tents, fishing umbrella to a sleeping bag to headlamps and gel repellent! If you don't want to sleep and sit on a mat or the floor, we even have fishing loungers and the cosiest fishing chairs to offer. We are happy to serve one of the most beautiful hobbies, fishing.

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