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Delphin Forza 4+1 Bite Alarm Set Bite Alarm


With the Forza 4+1 Bite Alarm Set, you won't miss a bite.

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Forza 4+1 Bite Alarm Set

incl. suitcase


The Forza 4+1 Bite Alarms Set, from Delphin, allows you a reliable bite detection by light, sound or vibration.


In addition, the housing of the bite alarms and the receiver is made of black, solid ABS plastic, which protects them from mechanical damage and is waterproof.


The receiver is characterized in particular by the fact that it knows how to shine even in overgrown terrain through reliable signal reception. In addition, you can select a color by pressing the P button on the receiver. You can also choose between 5 different tones and volumes of the receiver. If you move the lever to the right, you activate the vibration mode of the receiver. Not to be underestimated, of course, is the fact that you only have to make these settings once with the receiver and then they remain saved.


Each bite alarm also has a lever. But this serves a different purpose than the receiver. You can choose between day and night mode with this lever. In night mode, the position LED of the bite alarm turns on and you can see at a glance where your rod is.


You can adjust the tone of the bite indicators via the T button and the sensitivity, in the range 1-9cm, via the S button. It would be worth mentioning here that you will be warned with a different tone in the event of a fall bite.


However, you can also choose from five options in terms of volume. Note that level 0 represents silent mode.


Something very special, however, is also the possibility of choosing between 7 different light colors. To do this, you use the rotary switch C.


If the 9 V batteries are low, this is signaled by both the bite indicators and the receiver by means of a beep.


In addition, the bite alarms are equipped with an input for a 2.5mm plug. You can use this, for example, to attach a pendulum bite alarm. Not to be overlooked is also the thread, which is intended for mounting the included snag ears.


This unique Forza 4+1 bite alarm set, with a table mount for the receiver, is delivered in a padded case.



Content: 4 receivers + 1 bite alarm

adjustable tone

adjustable volume

adjustable color

adjustable sensitivity (bite indication)

Vibration Mode

Day & night mode (bite indicator)

Battery alarm

2.5mm plug (bite indicators)

incl. snag-ears

incl. table mount (receiver)

incl. suitcase

1 Item

Data sheet

incl. suitcase
Set Content
4 bite alarms + 1 receiver

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