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NGT Carp Angler Starter Setup Fishing Rods & Reels Set


With this carp fishing rod & reel set including line you are well prepared to start your new hobby. But even as a professional, this is a good setup for your next session.

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NGT Carp Angler Starter Setup Fishing Rods & Reels Set

Composed of:

2x NGT XPR 6000 Carp Runner freewheel roller

2x NGT XPR Carp Rod - 12ft, 2.75lb Carp Rod

1x ARMADA Carp Green 600m Monofilament Fishing Line Line Thickness-0,28mm



NGT XPR 6000 Carp Runner Freewheel Roller

Gear ratio: 5.2:1, including spare coil


The double crank miracle from the house of NGT!

A freewheel roller with 10 ball bearings and the patented S-Curve Oscillation System.

This is the revised Dynamic 6000 roller, which is only recognizable by its shape. Everything has changed, from the smallest screw to the bearing of the crank, this roller has been completely renewed!


A graphite replacement coil is also included in the scope of delivery. The ratio is 5.2:1 and is therefore perfect for fishing at long distances.


The cord socket is very high for this roll, because it fits believe 365m 0.28mm monofilament, 245m 0.35mm or 195m 0.40mm on the main spool, as well as on the spare spool.


The modern design makes this reel an absolute eye-catcher on every fishing rod.


Front brake, as well as freewheel brake are very finely adjustable and always offer the perfect pressure on the fishing line as every carp angler wishes!



Gear ratio: 5,2:1

Size: 6000

Cord socket: 0.28mm/365m, 0.35mm/245m, 0.40mm/195m

Including spare coil



NGT XPR Carp Rod

Rod length: 12ft/360cm, test curve 2.75lb


When the price-performance ratio reaches a completely new level!

Incredible quality at an extremely low price.


A new generation of NGT rods has been developed here to shake up the price-performance ratio on the market, because good quality does not always have to cost a lot.


Hardly any manufacturer from England has been able to offer such quality for such a low price. Here you get a high-quality 12ft rod with 2.75lb test curve, made of carbon, packed in a stylish case and refined with the finest ceramic ringing.



Rod length: 12ft / 360cm

Rod color: dark

Test curve: 2.75lb

Rings: 5+1



ARMADA Carp Green

Diameter: 0,28mm Length: 600m


The Armada Carp Green is a high-carat, monofilament carp cord for extreme situations that allows you to get the most out of your fishing equipment.


This extraordinary monofilament cord stands out from the other monofilament carp cords you've used before. The changes in the manufacturing process have increased their abrasion resistance, which is now 12 times higher than traditional monofilament cords.


When developing ARMADA, the main goal was to develop a monofilament fishing line that was as smooth and smooth as possible. Their smoothness is undoubtedly the main advantage. Due to their smoothness, their thickest diameter can also be used.


Simple throws and a problem-free handling of a monofilament line with a diameter of 0.40mm was hardly possible when carp fishing. ARMADA has changed this fact as it has exceptional breaking strength. ARMADA is also smooth, supple and soft. When you use this fishing line, you will feel like you are working with silk.


Please note: If you notice an unwanted knot on your fishing line, cut it off immediately and rebuild a new rig. The way you tie your knot significantly affects the carrying capacity of the monofilament cord. Tightening the knot should be done slowly and carefully.



Length: 600m

Diameter: 0,28mm

Color: Green


4 Items

Data sheet

Set Content
2x NGT XPR 6000 Carp Runner freewheel roller
Set Content
2x NGT XPR Carp Rod - 12ft, 2.75lb Carp Rod
Set Content
1x ARMADA Carp Green 600m Monofilament Fishing Line Line Thickness-0,28mm

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