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JJ-Fishing Carp Fishing Set Basic Equipment Fishing Beginner & Advanced Set


With this set you get everything for a successful carp fishing session. Whether you are a beginner, re-entrant or pro with this carp fishing set you get the ideal basic equipment

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Carp fishing rod set basic equipment

Composed of:

2x NGT XPR Carp Rod

2x NGT XPR 6000 Carp Runner 10 bearings

1x NGT Quickfish Rod Pod - Fully Adjustable 3 Rod Pod

2x York Rod Rest Multi Grip Extremely Non-slip

2x NGT Angling Pursuits Volume, Tone Bite Alarm JHA

2x Sakana Mono Takeda - Monofilament, Grey, Length: 150m

1x NGT Proline Chain Indicator Set 3 pendulum bite indicators

2x NGT Rod Bands Back 2 Pack Rod Bands

1x NGT Angeling Pursuits 2+2 Rod Holdall

1x NGT 42" Deluxe Stalker Net Set Landing net

1x Delphin Eko Unhooking Mat 70x40cm Foldable




NGT XPR Carp Rod

Rod length: 12ft/360cm, Test curve: 2.75lb


With the XPR Carp Rod, from NGT, an incredible quality meets a small price. Thus, this is a price-performance ratio, which will blow you away.


It is precisely through this unique price-performance ratio that the market is to be turned upside down. Because hardly any manufacturer from England has been able to offer such quality at such a low price.


But here you get a 12ft / 360cm long carbon carp rod with an incredible test curve of 2.75lb, which has been refined with the finest ceramic ringing.


You usually get such a rod, never at such prices!



Parts: 2-piece

Color: black

Rod length: 12ft / 360cm

Test curve: 2.75lb

Material: Carbon

Handle: split EVA

Extras: ergonomic handle



NGT XPR 6000 Carp Runner

with a 5.2:1 ratio


With the XPR 6000 Carp Runner, from NGT, you can see at first glance that this is a double crank miracle.


Strictly speaking, it is a revised version of the Dynamic 6000 roll (not included), of which only the shape remains. Because everything else has changed, from the smallest screw to the bearing of the crank, this role has been improved.


With the ratio of 5.2:1 you will reach incredible distances, maybe even break your long throw records. Try it, let's see what happens.


However, this freewheel roller also scores points with its high cord socket, which is of course also the same with the supplied spare coil. Not to be overlooked are also the finely adjustable freewheel brake and the patented S-Curve Oscillation System, which ensures excellent cord laying.


However, you will be blown away by their design, which offers you a unique feast for the eyes in a black dress. But its effect only fully unfolds during evening or nocturnal carp sessions.



Size: 6000

Color: black

Gear ratio: 5,2:1

Cord socket:      0.28mm / 365m

                            0.35mm / 245m

                            0.40mm / 195m

Coil: Aluminum

Spare coil: Yes

Bearings: 10



NGT Quickfish Rod Pod

for 3 rods, including case


Pack size is not only small, but minimalistic!

Individuality is an announcement here and not just an empty promise.

The 3er Buzz Bar also has enough space for 3 rods with big pit reels.


The scope of delivery also includes a practical transport bag, which offers enough space to store your bite alarms and matching accessories.


Due to the clips, with which the Buzzbars are adjusted in height, a quick assembly and dismantling is possible and offers you the maximum comfort!




Total length extended: 71cm

Length retracted: 56cm


York Multi-Grip Rod Rest

Color: black


With this rod rest you have optimal grip for your rods. With the Gumirten rod holder you can clamp almost any rod ideally and lean back relaxed.



Color: Black



NGT Angeling Pursuits Bite Alarm JHA

adjustable volume & sound


The perfect bite alarm that will never let you down. The JHA alarm is operated with regular 9V block batteries (not included) which have a very long service life.


You can also use the bite alarms in pouring rain as they are water-repellent and thus defy even the worst weather.


This bite alarm is adjustable in pitch and volume!



Color: Black

adjustable volume

adjustable tone



Sakana Takeda Mono Filament, Fishing Line

Diameter: 0,35mm, Length: 150m


Takeda, from Sakana, was made with the purpose of giving you extremely long throws.


If you touch this soft, monofilament fishing line, you will feel its almost perfect smoothness. But you also benefit from their excellent line laying around the reel of your reel, which allows you to achieve higher throwing distances.  


However, this line will convince you with its durability, which is immensely high. It is difficult to list examples of stokers that have a similar durability.


Thus, the Takeda is one of the monofilament stokers of the top class!



Color: Grey

Length: 150m

Load capacity: 10,5kg

Diameter: 0,20mm


NGT Proline Chain Indicator Set, 3 pendulum bite indicators

Color: blue, violet & clear


The Proline Indicator Set, from NGT, consists of three pendulum bite indicators. One of the pendulum bite alarms is in blue, the other in violet and the third is transparent.


These bite alarms are also each equipped with a 17.5cm long chain.


This pendulum bite alarm set is a great addition to your fishing equipment.



Content: 3 pieces

Color: blue, violet & clear

with 17.5cm long chain



NGT Rod Bands Black, Rod Bands

Content: 2 pieces, Material: Neoprene


The Rod Bands, from the house of NGT, keep your rod parts together during transport.


The set consists of two black neoprene rod bands. One of these bands is specially designed for the rod ends and the second for the tip parts.


The larger rod band also has a pocket, which serves to store the lead mounted on the rod.



Color: black

Material: Neoprene

Content: 2 pieces

large ribbon (26cm x 8cm)

small ribbon (15cm x 5cm)



NGT Angeling Pursuits 2+2 Rod Holdall

Size: 190x25cm, suitable for 4 rods


This Angeling Pusuits Rod Holdall for fishing rods from NGT is ideal for beginners and advanced users alike.


The Rod Holdall can accommodate up to 4 carp rods with 12ft and a maximum transport length of 185cm.


You can pack 2 of your 4 rods, which you want to stow in this rod case, already assembled and 2 unassembled.


Thus, this rod bag is perfect to prepare for spontaneous sessions but also ideal for the competition weekend.



Color: Green

Size: 190cm x 25cm

Ideal for 4 fishing rods (2+2)



NGT 42" Deluxe Stalker Net Set Landing net

with carbon arms and tele rod


The ideal complete landing net from NGT helps you to land your catches gently but firmly.


The 42" landing net head offers you not only robust arms made of carbon, but also a very stable, black, V block. This spreading block ensures that your landing net head always remains well stretched.


The net is kept in a stylish green and has an enormous durability. Even the most capital fish are powerless against this net.


However, the set does not only include the landing net head and a V-block. As already mentioned at the beginning, this is a complete landing net and thus a landing net rod should not be missing. This landing net already includes a telescopic landing net rod with a length of 180cm.



Green Network

Black V-Block

Carbon Arms

Telescopic Staab with 180cm

Head Width: 107cm

Depth: 90cm



Delphin Eko unhooking mat 70x40cm

Size: 70cm x 40cm, quick drying, foldable


The Eko unhooking mat, from Delphin, protects your trapped carp from injuries when unhooked.


The unhooking mat itself is extremely durable and consists of foam, which is covered with a non-absorbent fabric.


However, it also scores points with its compact transport size, which makes it particularly popular with mobile anglers.


In addition, it is not only fish-friendly, but also easy to clean. Likewise, resetting your carp with this unhooking mat, through its safety rubber bands, is child's play.


So that you can anchor the unhooking mat in the ground, it has also been equipped with a clip on each side.


A perfect unhooking mat for your next carp session.



Size: 70cm x 40cm

Color: green

Transport dimension: 25cm x 40cm

Thickness: 10mm



3 Items

Data sheet

Set Content
2x York Rod Rest Multi Grip Extremely Non-slip
Set Content
2x NGT Angling Pursuits Volume, Tone Bite Alarm JHA
Set Content
2x Sakana Mono Takeda - Monofilament, Grey, Length: 150m
Set Content
1x NGT Proline Chain Indicator Set 3 pendulum bite indicators
Set Content
2x NGT Rod Bands Back 2 Pack Rod Bands
Set Content
1x NGT Angeling Pursuits 2+2 Rod Holdall
Set Content
1x NGT 42" Deluxe Stalker Net Set landing net
Set Content
1x Delphin Eko Unhooking Mat 70x40cm Foldable
Set Content
2x NGT XPR Carp Rod 12ft 2.75lb
Set Content
2x NGT XPR 6000 Carp Runner 10 bearings
Set Content
1x NGT Quickfish Rod Pod - Fully Adjustable 3 Rod Pod

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